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August 31. 2021
This summer, the Finnish Room is becoming closer to reality!
In Finland, the Finnish Expatriate Parliament is an organization which works with the government to serve the needs of Finnish expatriates world-wide. Our committee is a member of this group. The biannual meeting of the Expatriate Parliament took place virtually this June, 2021, and passed a resolution supporting our project to build the Finnish Room, "The Resolution of the Finnish Expatriate Parliament to the Initiative of the Finnish Nationality Room Committee":

Ulkosuomalaisparlamentti ehdottaa eduskunnan Yhdysvaltain-ystävyysryhmälle, että se perehtyy Pittsburghin yliopiston Finnish Room Committee -hankkeeseen ja vie sen Suomen hallituksen tietoon, jotta hanke saa ansaitsemansa tuen ja tunnustuksen.

"The Expatriate Parliament proposes to the USA Friendship group at the Finnish Parliament that it will become familiar with the Finnish Room Committee project and take it to the Finnish Government in order for it to get the support and acknowledgment it deserves."

This is good news and comes at the right time.