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Finnish Log Construction 

Finnish Log Construction--Unique in the World
Finnish log construction is a precise and exact art, utilizing custom-fit logs and dovetailed corners. Only generations of building and living in log houses could have brought it to this state of excellence.

Finnish construction expert Frank Eld demonstrates this technique in this video:

Here are photos of structures made with Finnish log construction throughout Finland and North America. Some of the structures are preserved in the Seurasaari Open-Air Museum in Finland and also in the Valley County Museum Complex at Roseberry Idaho. 

Mr. Frank Eld, Idaho, watched with great admiration as a log building was constructed by his father and other Finns, with a systematic technique and detailed handyman’s work, using special tools brought from Finland. He has found the structure of Finnish fitted logs to exist in buildings everywhere Finnish immigrants have settled, and also in the oldest log houses built by Finns in colonial times New Sweden. This was the work of skillful men following a tradition of generations of Finns. The Finnish Nationality Classroom will be built with Frank Eld’s guidance and tools, including the Finnish axeman’s “secret” tool, "vara."

Frank Eld 13.jpeg
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